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My boarding kennel is located at 14829 Waterman Road in DeKalb, Illinois. It is a country setting with my property being fully fenced in.  Check back often for new pictures of dogs being boarded. To contact me for reservations, prices and requirements, call 815-758-3074 or

e-mail petmotel@wildblue.net

You are welcome to stop by and check out my kennels before boarding your dogs.  Monday - Friday 7-11 & 1-4

Saturday 7-11 a.m.

Sunday 1-4 p.m.


The Countryside Pet Motel  boards Dogs, Puppies, Cats, Kittens and a few other small family pets.  What makes us so unique in the area, is the way the dogs are kept. They are in an air conditioned building, that is decorated with a homey atmosphere. In this area they are allowed to bring special items from home in order to make their stay more enjoyable. Several times a day each dog is walked into our large run area to enjoy some activity and exercise. At this time we do our daily chores, feed and add fresh water.


Then we take each and every dog outside 3 times a day off lead in a full fenced in area. If your dog is dog friendly, it is allowed to play with other dog friendly dogs. Many dogs do not like to go potty indoors, so this helps to make their visit less stressful and much more enjoyable. Many of our clients insist that their dogs really do enjoy coming here!!


25 lbs & Under $15.00 per day

26 to 50 lbs $17.00 per day

51 and up $20.00 per day


$12.00 per day

Due to the way we care for the pets, we charge by the day, not by 24 hours. So each day they are here is a charge, no matter drop off or pick up times.

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We now have a full time groomer! Call Jill to make yourgrooming appointments for dogs that are not here for boarding, or let us know at drop off if you would like a spa treatment before they are picked up. She does Cats too!


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We get a lot of dogs here for long term stays. Because of the time we spend with them they are very happy and allowed to run and play on our property.



                                                                      "Boof  Beverly"      "Jonesy Blaisdall"



 I hope if you ever need to leave your pets, that you will let the "Countryside Pet Motel" be that

"home away from home".

Thank you,

Tammy Hauptman (proud owner)